Forster Country Landscape Forster Country Landscape 

It has also been pointed out that the developer appears to have made no realistic attempt to make the individual dwellings sustainable by using modern technology to reduce carbon emissions and that the risk to health posed by the high voltage cables may not have been properly assessed. Please make your own objections in your own words as soon as you are able.

So as mentioned in the previous Newsletter Forster Country remains untouched. We hope that the objections and the petition could well influence SBC in their consideration of the planning application and we may yet harbour hopes that Forster Country might be saved.

In the meantime, we have met BM in conjunction with SBC for some discussion of the way forward for the 45 hectare country park which of course we hope will not become necessary. These discussions were friendly and SBC and BM are prepared to take account of many of our wishes. The country park will be retained as hay meadows but will be arranged with informal routes to allow public access. Discreet sculptures and benches may well be possible. The names of E M Forster, Elizabeth Poston and Malcolm Williamson could be marked within the country park in various ways.

It just remains for me to wish you a Merry Christmas and to say that I hope that we will see you outside St Nicholas Church on 1st January for the 3 mile walk around Forster Country to mark E M Forster’s birthday.

John Spiers (Chairman FoFC)