We fear that the arrangements for the walk planned for 30th August have had to be altered. The walk will no longer be a formal event arranged by the Friends of the Forster Country (FoFC). Instead some FoFC members will be walking around Forster Country starting at 2.30pm as planned that day to celebrate the beauty of the countryside. Of course anyone is free to walk Forster Country footpaths at any time in an entirely informal way, individually or in bubbles, maintaining social distancing.  It would be good to see many people strolling in the countryside on that day so if you had already planned to join the formal walk, why not come along anyway and feel free to wander around independently for as long as you want.
   Stevenage Borough Council would like us to follow ‘event procedures’ and there is insufficient time to organise this. We regarded the afternoon walk as a celebration of Forster Country; if it became a protest march, numbers might have been too high for safety.  We thought our Covid 19 precautions made the afternoon safe but potentially higher numbers than we planned for make us feel less certain.